About Us

Chef Sasha Reyes has had a lifetime love of food. Growing up in a "junk food household," she struggled with her weight for many years. After formulating an effective meal plan, she was able to lose over 20lbs and finally feel in control of her weight. Her newfound love of good nutrition lead her on a path that allowed her to work closely with nutritionists and personal trainers, and as a personal chef to many professional athletes and other valley elites.

Locally owned and operated by Chef Sasha, Clean Cuisine is a meal home-delivery service that provides our clients with delicious and nutritious meals delivered right to their doors.

We offer a wide variety of tasty menu selections that feature organic ingredients, amazing flavors, and are always gluten-free. Each meal is designed to help you reach your weight-loss goals and fit into a healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.

All our meals can be easily and securely ordered online and delivered fresh to your door.

 Try us today, and get Clean!

More of what others are saying about Clean Cuisine!

"Chef Sasha truly loves what she does. With her help I was able to lose 60 lbs in 90 days between her delicious food and regular exercise. She truly loves what she does and it shows in how delicious everything is. She has shown me that eating healthy can also be yummy."

- Alex R.

"Great food, great quality and convenience to meet your goals of healthy living!"

-Ashley B.

"My husband and I have been clients of Sasha for nearly two years now. Sasha goes above and beyond for us. Sometimes eating healthy can get boring and seem very repetitive but not with Sasha's cooking! Whether it's for health reasons or just the convenience of having someone prepare fresh meals for you, we would highly recommend Sasha!"

- Brittany B.

"She is very professional and the food speaks for itself!"

- Ruby K.

"I have several health challenges and Chef Sasha has prepared several meals for me to try out, to see how I like them, over a period of time. I must admit I truly enjoyed most of them. Sasha has a heart of gold and she thrives to give you the very best food and great flavors so you want to keep coming back for more. I especially love her chicken salad."

- Marla H.

"Sasha is professional, an excellent chef and accommodates our food choices with beautiful presentation skills. I highly recommend her services."

- Jo L.

"Sasha is a true professional that takes her art very seriously and always puts her customers needs first. Just give Sasha and her team a try and you won't be disappointed."

- Roger S.

"Sasha is an amazing chef and an amazing person! It is always such a joy to eat her amazingly delicious meals. I can't recommend her enough!"

- Susan T