New and Delicious

I'm listening to the rain outside and sipping my morning coffee. Many of us folks in the Phx area Welcome the few cooler rainy days we have here, but isn't it enough already! I'm adding a few new seasonal items to the menu this week that are sure to perk you up! A creamy sweet and savory curried chicken salad in the snacks section which is protein packed and with keep you full in between meals or as a light lunch. My famous Quinoa and Kale winter wonder salad with locally grown kale and lemons you wont believe the amazing flavors in this dish are Vegan! A hearty ham and black bean stew; with a kick of smoky chipotle pepper, that's full of fiber which aids in digestion and keeps you fuller longer. I hope you order something new and delicious today, that's good for you Body and Soul!

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